We’re really proud of the fact that NZ organic grass-fed beef is of a very high standard. It contains more Omega-3 fatty acids, carotenoids, vitamin E, and other antioxidants compared to grain-fed, as well as having more natural taste. It’s an excellent protein source, and rich in iron - something that toddlers need lots of while their bodies are growing so quickly.
A firm favourite is our Only Organic Pasta Bolognese 170g: high quality NZ grass-fed beef, wholesome organic pasta and seasonal vegetables are combined to make a hearty, nutrient-filled lunch or dinner.

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NZ organic grass-fed lamb is another great source of protein, containing high levels of essential vitamins and minerals. As well as containing up to five times more Omega 3 fatty acids than grain-fed (essential for good health, especially the heart and brain), organic grass-fed lamb contains high levels of a good fat called Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), known to be associated with reduced body fat and other health benefits.
Experimenting with different proteins provides natural variety at meal-times and a well-balanced diet - our Sweet Potato Lamb & Couscous 170g is a great place to start!

NZ grass feb lamb

 Bostock Brothers provide us with our organic free-range organic chicken. These guys have set up uniquely-designed chalets in their Hawkes Bay apple orchard, which enables the chickens to live and roam freely in a natural environment and as a result the meat is better formed, it’s higher in quality and superior tasting.
We’re proud to use their chicken in all of our chicken recipes and you can read more about their farm and farming practices here:
There are many nutritional benefits to eating free-range organic chicken, not least that they are free of antibiotics, hormones, GM, chemicals and chlorine. We offer a range of delicious chicken meals including our latest addition to the range : Only Organic Chicken Sweetcorn & Brown Rice 6m+ and Chicken Cheddar Cheese & Cauliflower Rice 8m+ .
With Only Organic you can be sure that you’re feeding your little one tasty, nutritious, balanced meals made with quality organic ingredients, with no added nasties like artificial flavouring, colour or preservatives.

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