Only Organic started out in the early 1990s as a family-owned company and continues to remain that way. Today, our modern factory located in West Auckland employs a great team of locals, and we have a number of families working with us.
The company has grown over the years from less than 20 employees to over 100. 

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Our staff are a loyal, passionate group of people - most of whom are also parents - and many have worked with Only Organic for a decade or more now.

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Our wonderful Customer Care Manager, Jeanette, has been working with us for 15 years and is very involved in the production process and quality control. Jeanette taste-tests every single batch after cooking and she can tell immediately if something needs changing - or even if different season fruit has been used! She combines her depth of knowledge with feedback that she has gathered from a variety of mums to ensure that our recipes are being continually improved. 


Grace, one of our food technologist & real foodie loves to create recipes. She makes sure our recipes are both nutritious and delicious!


Fred, our cook has also been with the company for many years and has kept working through two lockdowns to cook and prepare our baby recipes, just for you !


The brand evolved over the years but our recipes have stayed true to its aim of pure, delicious food for babies, using balanced recipes and certified organic ingredients. We work with like-minded growers and suppliers to ensure that certified organic, quality ingredients are always at the core of what we do. We offer convenience by making a variety of tasty, nourishing, healthy organic food to support busy families. Only Organic proudly supports many local communities and events throughout the year.

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