Because every mother is a superwoman, we've been getting to know Mums from all over New Zealand and Australia and the one thing we've learned is that no two journeys through motherhood are the same! Here is a series of SuperMums who shared their story with us.

Meet Grecian, Mum of 3 beautiful girls, living in Perth, Australia

About you

I’m Grecian, mum to Adelyn (3) and twins Hanna and Riley (17 months actual or 13 and a half months corrected).

I am a Personal Trainer based in Perth WA. I always knew somehow I would be a mother of girls, and I love it! My husband and I tried for a baby for 1 year before conceiving Adelyn. We were actually about to book a Drs appointment to get ‘checked’ if there was any complications with either of us but then our little Adelyn was created! Adelyns pregnancy  was picture perfect. I was able to train and keep up my exercise right up until the last minute and had no complication what so ever. She arrived into this world at 40+2 via c section after my body not dilating enough and her going into distress. We always knew we wanted our kids close together and also knew it may take another year to fall pregnant again, so we started trying for baby number 2 when Adelyn was 8 weeks old. Crazy right? But month after month there was heart ache and pain when that time of the month arrived. After 18 months we went off to the GP to get those ‘checks’ done and found out I had a extremely low egg count. Hearing that you have the same amount of eggs as a post menopausal women hurts!

So off to a fertility clinic we went to undergo countless blood test, scans and treatments. After one unsuccessful round of IUI we jumped ships to IVF to allow us hopefully to have more then one child in the future – at this point we knew my body could carry a baby just not conceive it. After 22 months in total we finally were pregnant and at that 7 week scan saw those two flickering heart beats on the screen. We had wished for one and the universe sent us two!

The twins pregnancy was completely the opposite to Adelyns. I was not allowed to exercise and was put on home rest from 19 weeks  due to a growth discrepancy with the girls. After countless scans we found out that Riley had IUGR and her cord only had one artery and one vein plus it was at the very edge of the placenta the girls shared. She was struggling to get enough nutrients to grow. At 25+6 we gave birth to our girls not knowing if they would survive. If we had left Riley in utero another day DRs believe she wouldn’t of made it. We had a very tough NICU run with Hanna being in hospital for 3 and a half months and Riley 5 months plus coming home on oxygen. It was the toughest experience of my life after suffering with secondary infertility but I would do it 1000 x over to have my girls here and now. 

What is your top tip to juggle between twins and a threenager?

Organisation! 100% ! I make sure I can organise as much as I can the night before for the next day and simple things such as keeping the nappy bag packed at all times really helps. I  also don’t go to bed with an untidy house – I just cant as it plays on my mind too much -  so before bed I make sure I do as much as I can so I’m not stressed in the morning by looking at dirty dishes or toys everywhere.Can I have 2 tips? Haha all of the COFFEE!

Why do you choose Only Organic?

Being in the fitness industry, health and wellness is important to me and so I love that Only Organic has the best quality ingredients in them. Having healthy meals ready to go really helps especially when we are out and I’ve got 2 screaming babies at me! They are quick, convenient and easily accessible!   

What's the #1 feeding tip ?

When starting solids, go slow. There is no rush to pressure the baby into eating if they aren’t ready yet. They will watch and learn from you and once that ‘push forward’ tongue reflex goes you will be needing all the food! Start slow and steady. 

Any advice to another mum going through IVF?

Mental health matters so much during fertility treatment so please reach out for help or chat to someone who has gone through it themselves. Don’t blame your body for failing. Its a tough one to get past but once you do and put your trust in those fertility Drs amazing things can happen. You are stronger than you think!

What's your favourite part of being a mum?

Experiencing that love for your children as its like no other love you can describe or feel for anyone else. Seeing their faces light up when they see you is like nothing else in the world.

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