On this 1st of September, we celebrate Fathers Day! A special occasion for us to share the story of Dads we've been getting to know from Australia and New Zealand.

Meet Simon, Tasha, Oscar & Henry and number three due in February 2020, living in Greenvale, VIC, Australia

About you

I'm Simon, dad of 2 but soon to be 3!
I came to the parenting party a little later in life, when I met Tasha 4 and bit years ago I made it very clear that having kids was going to be part of my future and now we are raising two little humans with the third on its way and due in February next year!

Oscar is two and half years old and Henry turned one in August so yes for a short time we will have three under three!

Our lifestyle is all about the boys but we've been through some tough times over the 4 years we've been together with a few redundancies. After getting married and moving house, we can finally start to feel a little more settled and ready to plan for the future.  I also live with depression and anxiety which can be a bit challenging for everyone from time to time.

I love to work out, in fact it’s part of my mental health treatment. I love to cook and getting the kids involved as much as possible is pretty important to us. I think the kids just love being the center of our attention, exploring and doing new things.

Parenthood is very "womanised", how do you feel being a dad blogging about babies?

I think I have to be careful here. It's fairly obvious that women are in majority when it comes to talking about parenting online. After all they are the ones who grow our little humans inside themselves and go through the brutal thing called labour.  However, I think that because this is a female dominated part of humanity, the majority of men, not all, can feel lost or unsure of their role as a dad.  Some men are just happy to go with the flow, to never change a nappy or get up at night etc. I believe guys need to talk to these strong women and ask to be involved and ask what we can do or better, just get involved, make mistakes, learn and grow from the experience. I think guys need to consider themselves a dad from the moment we find out we’re pregnant because it’s hard enough as it is to build a bond with your newborn but if we can change our mental approach to this new arrival, it may make things a little easier.

What's the #1 feeding tip ?

Hmm, I guess for me this is still work in progress but I’d say learn to cope with the mess!
The messier they are the more they learn about food, flavours and textures. This makes their mealtime fun and is also a good way for them to associate food with a positive experience.

Why do you choose Only Organic?

I think it’s so important that we know what our little ones are eating, especially at such a young age. I just want to give them the best chance of getting all the nutrients from the food that goes into their little bodies and avoid processed food as much as possible for now.

Only Organic uses certified organic ingredients that taste great, yes I’ve tried them, they are passionate about producing a quality product. Oh and yes they are a kiwi company so being a New Zealand citizen means I might lean towards kiwi companies from time to time…

What's your favourite thing about being a dad?

There are so many things but I think overall the best thing for me is to see how happy the kids make my wife Tasha feel.  To see the joy on her face when she looks at the boys means the world to me.

Any advice to other dads out there?

I actually consciously try not to offer advice on parenting unless someone asks.  Everyone’s journey is different but I will say don’t be afraid to give it a go and don’t end up being the one making all the tea and coffee when people come to visit - You have every right to be in the room with your family


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