Because every mother is a superwoman, we've been getting to know Mums from all over New Zealand and Australia and the one thing we've learned is that no two journeys through motherhood are the same! Here is a serie of SuperMums who shared their story with us.

 Meet Delwyn, Supermum to Tyler (15yo), Anton (2.5yo) & Leon (3m)

About you 

I’m a kiwi born & raised!
I had my oldest son at 26yo which I remember thinking felt so young despite the fact that in most other aspects of my life I felt so mature.
I remember leaving the hospital with Tyler thinking ‘really that’s it, I take him home and hope for the best’ ha ha.I met my lovely Italian bow many years later and by the time we come to having Anton I was already crossing the boarder into being a ‘mother of advanced maternal age’ (as my doctor kindly called it). 
Since then we’ve been crazy enough to go on and add another baby boy to the family. This gives me 3 boys to contend with at home – luckily I love a challenge!!!Since starting our family second time around we’ve been lucky enough to spend time in both Italy and NZ, giving our children (and myself) exposure to both their kiwi & Italian roots which has also helped us shape our family values to accommodate both cultures.  As much as we love our Italian culture (especially the food) for now NZ is home….

How is it to go back to having young babies after 10+ years?

Wow!  It’s a bit of a shock to the system!!! Aside from the fact I’m older the 2nd (&3rd) time around, it was genuinely like becoming a first time parent all over again. It’s so easy to forget what sleep deprivation and living on someone else’s schedule is like  (FYI a 3 month old schedule is pretty non-existent so we just roll with it one day at a time).

Is it important to feed your little ones organic food?

Absolutely!  My partner and I both grew up in households with large vege gardens.  Sadly due to space, our own vegetable garden is not large enough to support the needs of a family of 5 so buying organic is the next best thing we can do to ensure our children are getting the best.

What is your #1 feeding tip?

Expose them to as many different foods as possible as early as possible.  I didn’t do this the first time around.  I’m probably guilty of sticking to basic food guides (&books) first time around however, with Anton (2.5yo) we’ve exposed him to stronger flavors (olives & lemon with fish) much sooner and have found he’s much more open to eating and trying new things as a result of this!

What's your favourite things about being a mum?

Cuddles without a doubt. Aside from cuddles it’s kind of hard to pin point one thing but I’d have to say regardless of what age they are it’s always an amazing feeling you get when you see them do something for the first time!
Seeing the smile on their faces makes all the tougher temper tantrum times seem worth it!  Having the big age gap between my oldest and youngest means that the little ones adore their big brother and he can lavish attention on them in ways only older siblings can & that makes it all feel pretty special!!

Any advice to another mum who might be considering having another child after several years?

Do it! 
I remember having a conversation with my sister when my partner and I were thinking about having another child and she said ‘ you will never regret the children you have, only the ones you don’t’!  Those words couldn’t be more true!!! It’s impossible not to love having little people in your life (even the little people that have almost outgrown and tower over you).  I think children help us all grow and teach us  how to better  people to all those around us.

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