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Because every mother is a superwoman, we've been getting to know Mums from all over New Zealand and Australia and the one thing we've learned is that no two journeys through motherhood are the same! Here is a serie of SuperMums who shared their story with us.

Meet Jasmine Kriletich, Young & Solo mum of 2, Noah (4yo) & Poppy (1yo)

About you 
I’m 21 and a mama of 2 living in Auckland, New Zealand!
I had my son at only 17 and then my daughter Poppy at 20 so have been a stay at home Mum for almost 4 years now.   

Can you tell us a bit more about your little girl Poppy who’s been diagnosed with Down Syndrome?
So when I had my 35 week scan, there was an abnormal Doppler (which had nothing to do with her diagnosis my midwife said) and I was induced and spend 3 days in hospital as the induction gel didn’t work straight away! For those who know, I had 5 lots of gel!!
We were told 2 hours after birth that they suspected Down syndrome and this got confirmed 2 days later.
I found it surprisingly ok... I had so much support and only saw Poppy as my little girl and not as a baby with down syndrome.
I think having Poppy really opened my eyes on acceptance.
Accepting everyone for who they are no matter what!

What is your biggest challenge as a mum?
I feel like every day is a different challenge.
Days are just suuuuper long and drag on, I wake up at 5.30am and go to the gym so by the end of the day I’m actually really tired.
My eldest Noah is at kindy so I mostly just have poppy with me all day    

Is healthy food important for you / your children?
Yes, most definitely and always has been.
It’s super important for me as it helps with immunity and as some T21 kids have lower immune systems, I really pay attention to what my children eat.

Why do you choose only organic?
I love the combination of ingredients, I also try them and just by tasting them you can tell there is no extra added nasties!
Also having a large variety helps! (Even my 4 year old eats the pouches!!!) they contain a good portion of fruit or veg so I try give them at least 1 pouch a day.

What’s your #1 feeding tip ? 
Try something different every day! Poppy loves feeding herself and she loves the snacks! My kids’ favourite is the pouch with acai (and mine??) 

What’s your favourite thing about being a mum?
The amazing and precious moments you get with them, honestly unforgettable! Also the way they just change you for the better and always improving everything about yourself for them. Extremely rewarding ??

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